Digital Solutions originally started as a group of university and college students who had a shared passion for technology, this was back in the early 1990's. we started operating as a group for no other reason than the fact we all had a shared interest in computing and technology. The only original founder of the group left today is 'Peter "Shawty" Shaw, who's I.T & technology heritage started long before those early days in the late 1970's

For a number of years Digital Solutions operated as a part time business, however in 2012 an opportunity to partner (consult) on a large enterprise contract came along, the result of which changed the company from a part-time business, to a fulltime limited company offering I.T services and solutions for both UK and international customers.

Today we operate on the international stage with customers in the USA and many parts of Europe. We work with large companies that have many 1000's of employees, and we work with small start-up's that may only have 2 employees

No matter the size, we look after all of them with the same level of care, we advise on best practices, help them them understand how not to fall victim to hackers and crooks, we nuture thier projects like they are our own children.

In the services section below, is only a small part of what we do, over the years we've been involved in everything from technical writing and document production, right through to large R&D projects that have gone on to change the everyday life of the average person

We've built teams to run projects, and we've provided individual people to run projects, we've worked on Windows, Linux, Unix even RiscOS!

Here at Digital Solutions UK, your projects are our projects, we only succeed if you succeed.



We provide bespoke development services for web, desktop and mobile applications as well as popular content management platforms such as Wordpress, Umbraco and others. We specialise in PHP, .NET, IOS and many other languages. Other services include:
  • Project code reviews
  • Multi platform universal solutions
  • Database provisioning and maintenance
  • Cloud migration


Our design team has the ability to work with many different aspects of a projects graphical requirements, some of the areas we cover are:
  • Graphic design for web projects
  • Company branding and logo development
  • Social Media and internet presence
  • Search Engine Optimisation


Business networking and infrastructure is key in todays connected world, we have the means to:
  • Build and provision physical networks
  • Architect and design networking solutions
  • Perform Security Profiling and auditing
  • Troubleshoot and fix network problems


Our consultancy services cover many aspects of general I.T advice, allowing us to advise and help your business in the areas of:
  • Solution Development
  • Project specification documentation
  • Business technology direction
  • Problem solving using different aspects of I.T


We can provide numerous training, both administrative as well as development, these services include:
  • Public speaking at events
  • In house staff training
  • External training
  • Ciriculum and staff development training materials


Our project management services cover all aspects of any I.T related project, at all stages in the project life cycle. We can assist with:
  • Project scope and definition
  • Project forcasting and budget
  • Project lifecycle documentation
  • Project stratagy and reporting
And much much more ...

Some of Our Previous Customers